Our Mission.

We love delicious food and have been intensively involved with nutrition for years. Balanced, healthy, plant-based - if you want to eat good, you need a lot of time and leisure. But we often lack this time in our everyday lives between appointments, sports and family. Especially when time is tight, we reach for whatever is available: the quick sandwich at the train station or the high-sugar muesli bar at the office.

In situations like these, we have been missing a good, hearty organic snack that tastes delicious and gives us long-lasting strength. After searching for years without success, we decided to develop such a product range ourselves.


The meal in your pocket!

With SpiceBit, we are launching the food innovation of the year 2021 in autumn!

We are opening up the segment of hearty, delicious, high-fiber and low-sugar to-go snacks. A baked flavor composition of oat flakes, cashews, almonds, quinoa and lots of herbs and spices. Naturally organic, vegan and gluten-free.

There is no bar on the market like this! SpiceBit testers are thrilled with the taste, texture, nutrition and ingredients. Wow - hearty!

Available in four artful flavors:

The Company.

Tasty Plant Food is a start-up founded in 2021 by four experienced entrepreneurs. In the middle of the lockdown. Completely remote. Our vision is to develop a product line of hearty, good and delicious to-go snacks that provide honest nutrition to discerning customers in their active lifestyles.

The founders.

We are four founders with very different backgrounds who are all convinced about SpiceBit. Together, we founded Tasty Plant Food in April 2021, bringing our passion and experience to different roles.

Pia Struck

Managing Director
Innovation / Product & Sales

Pia Struck is what you call a serial entrepreneur. She is especially excited about bringing ideas that are on trend to the world.

»I love food with natural ingredients and hearty, good taste. There is definitely a gap in the market here! That's why I developed SpiceBit as a to-go snack for today's active lifestyle.«

Steven Buttlar

Marketing and PR

Steven Buttlar has made his great passion for culinary, travel and wine the focus of his work in PR and marketing for 20 years.

»Visiting local markets is never missing on my travels. The colorful hustle and bustle, the fresh produce, the exotic spices - these have always inspired me. For me, food is pure joie de vivre. And that's exactly what we convey with SpiceBit!«

Roman Ruska

Creative Direction and Design

Roman Ruska has been developing campaigns, designs and packaging for international and national brands for 30 years. His work has won over 55 international design awards.

»It feels great to use your own know-how 100% freely for your own company for once - and also to combine it with my passion for very good healthy food. That's why it was absolutely clear to me that I was in!«

Felix Obergföll

Finance and Digital

Felix Obergföll comes from the finance industry and has intensive and long-standing financing experience in the German SME sector.

»For me, good food is not only pleasure but at the same time the indispensable basis in everyday life as well as in my great passions in sports and traveling. That's why I value honest energy: delicious and healthy, good for me and our planet. That's what drives me and that's SpiceBit!«


Would you like to get to know Tasty Plant Food and our products? We are looking forward to meeting you!